Finding the Right Time to Go Back to School

I went to college fresh out of high school like my mother wanted me to. I even went to the same college she had graduated from. By the end of the first semester I was convinced I wasn't cut out for college. I failed almost all my classes and was so homesick I could hardly breathe. So I dropped out.

Now, five years later, I have re-entered the college life. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was shocked to find out that I love school. I love the interaction with students and professors. I enjoy the hard work it takes to maintain good grades. I wasn't ready mentally or emotionally the first time around. After surviving the adult world for a couple years and seeing how much a college degree would benefit me I was finally ready.

I won't have my bachelor's degree for another four to five years, but I'm okay with that. I'm going to enjoy the ride.

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i am in the same boat about returning to school. I have a feeling i will feel the same..enjoy the hard work after seeing what real life is like without a degree.<br />
I know in my heart I, too, was not ready, for college due to bad habits, smoking and drinking. I gave that up after a while and now being a single mom, am surely ready to return to college.

Its nice to hear a story like yours. it gives me more faith in myself that I will eventually end up in college again. I took a year off after high school, which turned into two years, and now its in its third year. im hoping to start classes this summer, but the thing is, i just dont know what to study.<br />
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I guess ill just have to take peoples' advice and just take some basic classes that fit in to any degree and go from there... at least its a start. At least now I know that i am ready for school again, i know that i would do so much better and get so much more out of it now than i would have right after highschool, and i see more how the experience can help me with 'life' and all - having lived quite an interesting portion of it so far. hopefully ill make it back soon

I've always felt college is more appreciated by those who have had the opportunity to experience life a bit first. There is a better understanding of WHY you are attending and what the expected outcomes should be, and how it is going to benefit you in the long run. So many kids go to college right out of high school just because it is what their parents expect, and they come out with a worthless piece of paper because they never applied themselves. They are really no better off. People like you are able to see why college is important, and have a much better and more valuable experience for it in the long run.

what was the first comment about? Talk about someone speaking about something they know nothing about. I also went to college straight out of high school (literally started it 2 weeks after graduating). I worked hard - full time through my senior year, then went to part time when i started college. I got a degree in accounting in 18 months that i hated - bad grades, etc. Decided to join the Army and see the world. That's when i got prepared for life. After my first 3 years in i went into the reserves and back to college - graduated *** laude in Economics. Back into the military as officer and after 5 years back into reserves and college to get an MBA and then 4 professional certifications in inventory, management, and purchasing.<br />
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"I did it my way"....sing frankie, sing! - sing it with me....<br />
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BTW - i never felt that school prepared me for the real world, and I got plenty of extra credit in college. Real adults do play - stupid politics in office all the time....why would you want to go back to a job that you quit? I never would (even after they asked me to come back). I do hire people at my curent job, and i think going back to school is admirable and it does not matter if the degree was attained fresh out of high school or 10 years later. What matters are the grades, the skills, and the personality....

oh and I am sure you will be a GREAT worker when in the work force...

GOOD FOR YOU! don't pay attention to lilsky's outburst, she's not a very happy person generally speaking. To be honest, I personally think she just needs to be hugged a little more often. Soften her up a bit. But you're doing an amazing thing, You deserve to enjoy it, and I am sure you appreciate what you are doing now more than most students. again GOOD FOR YOU and good luck!!!!

It doesn't matter if you get good grades or not, what matters is that you enjoy the ride! Good for you!