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3rd Year

I am now preparing to go into my third year of college and finally believed I have found the major that is right for me. When I first entered college I dreamed of being a history teacher having had many great history professors through my middle school and high school years. Unfortunately the economy and having seen how badly teachers are mistreated, which is incredible how disrespected they are in our community. Yes not all of them are the best but I have read multiple stories of some pretty good teachers being let go in a mass overhaul so naturally that job was tossed away to avoid any of that mess. After transferring colleges I then got into pharmacy which I really though I liked at first as it was a high paying job and a great way to be able to support my family but besides the money I didn't really have any other interest in it.
Now I am entering the nursing field, hoping to one day become a nurse anesthetist. It's the perfect job for me I feel. Not only does it pay well so I will one day be able to support my family but I'll have a degree in nursing and be able to help out people just as I always have wanted to. Hopefully it works out.
Kneth55 Kneth55 22-25, M 2 Responses Jun 5, 2012

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i strongly admire what you have done .

I hope it works out for you too. This economy does really suck and I feel bad for teachers. My mom is a teacher and she has to deal with so much bs. I am in going into my 3rd year of college also and I hope to support my family when its all over.

Thanks! Yeah it's horrible, teachers have it bad. I feel sorry for your mother, hopefully things will get better for her. Nice, what are you going for?


Ooo, cool. Good luck. Those classes are rough.