College Freshman

Three days of being a college freshman and so far its going pretty well. Met loads of new people and made new friends...mostly because i don't belong to a block section. But being an "irregular" has its fair share of pros and cons though. Upside, i get a chance to practice my social skills, and even explore the campus. The downside, i constantly have to move from one classroom to another (...and another and another) to attend whatever class i have next on my sched.
Just recently, a guy friend of mine told me that we should try out for our university's cheer squad. I have a feeling that it--the training--will be hardcore though since their cheer squad has been the reigning champions in the NCAA Cheerleading Competition for 5 consecutive years. Oh well....Hopefully, me and my friend will do awesome and make it in.:)
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Jun 14, 2012