Not What I Was Expecting

College isn't quite what I was expecting. I went to a small college of just over 2000 students. It wasn't all parties and fun like I had expected. The work isn't that hard--I'm getting better grades in college than I ever got in high school. I really connected with a few of the professors in my major's department (which will come in handy when I need grad school reccomendation letters :) ).  I didn't make tons of close friends like I thought I would. I'm learning a lot about psychology at least! Overall it's not a bad experience, just not as good or fun as I thought it would be!

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4 Responses Jun 24, 2008

That's a good thing about going to a smaller college. I'm close to all of my professors and I can talk to them or email them anytime I want. Classes usually have 20-30 people in them, and up to 60 if it's a general lecture class but there are only a few of those

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Wow, I bet you get a good learning enviornment with 2000-2500 kids.<br />
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UT (University of Texas) has about 50,000 kids. Down here you are just a number

Yeah, I know what you mean. My college has about 2,500 students, and it's not that exciting, although it's nice living away from my parents.