And I Hate It

I am a junior and i am trying to just make it through my last two years. I feel like i just dont fit in and its not anything like I thought it would be. I have people I am friends with here and hang out with but I still feel depressed and lonely as time goes on. I know that going to this school was better for me and my future than going to the crappy school close to my house, but I cant help but feel like it wasnt worth it. I am only an hour away from home but it feels like forever. I just dont know what I can do to make these last two years more enjoyable. All i do is go to class, do homework for hours, maybe hang with friends for a bit then sleep. Day in and day out. Its just getting to be tough.
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

Hey I completely understand. I am a senior in college and I have been there before. To be honest if you feel your college life is becoming a bit stagnant then I suggest you do something spontaneous. It may require some sacrifice to find the time to do something spontaneous. Once, my friends and I went out clubbing at like 11:00pm on a school night and didn't get back till 5am. Sure I was exhausted, about to collapse and when I got home I did. That night completely lifted me up and kept me going because I did something, I went out and did something. The next day, studying and staying in didn't feel so bad. Keep going and stay strong.