What Is A College?

12 long years of hard work making straight A's and honor roll all through it and what happens success.you walk up there on the stage and wave to your friends and family congratulations is what the guy said while handing you your roll.you walk off trying not to fall to get your families' hugs and kisses....hm...makes you feel proud of yourself and you should you did it as they tell you yes...yes you did. you ride off you and your friends proud of yourselves i mean hell you've been friends sense the first grade and you all made a vow to finish together no matter what.so there you guys were riding in the car wind going through your hairs' cause there was no sun roof the old pack was back. while your friends yelled out never looking back you did one last time at the building as it when into the ground as sun does when its time its over. days later after the parties....hm...you see this place a beautiful place in a paper that has a letter written with saying that we are interest in you.curious you agreed to check out this place thinking back at the paper you remember it said college. college has a nice ring to it but what was it? what it's about? and what do i do there? friends telling you we can have so much fun. what kind of fun? is college for fun as well as education? is it a place where anything goes? is it a place where i can be an adult? then friends tells you there's only one way the find out college yeah that has a nice ring to it.
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think there is a big differancec between now and when i went to school
we pulled A all the way thought high school then got A when i was in nurseing school a little bit low on GPA but i was also working fullt ime while going to school back in 1970

To Answer Your Question (my perspective):

- College was an experience!
- It's about finding yourself.
- You go out of your comfort zone.
- Kind of fun? Any fun and all fun. Then you decide what kind of fun you want to spend your life enjoying.
- Yes, both fun and education.
- Yes and no. Have fun but don't forget why you're there.
- Yes, being in college is the best place to learn how to be an adult.