Blended Institutions

I am a student at Saint Leo University. I have been a blended student; about 80% of my degree has been spent online. I have taken some night classes, but online classes fit my schedule so much better. I have always had to work while in school. I have worked very hard at multiply jobs to help pay for my classes and there were times when my class schedule became expensive because I had to limit by availability so much. Every day I had to spend taking daytime classes were another day less of my checks.

I have loved the freedom online classes bring. I know there is a personal aspect that they miss, but I can't tell you how much I've learned so far. My major is psychology and I have to say, being a semester's away from graduation, I have come so far in my knowledge.

I remember thinking back when I finished my A.A. that I wouldn't want to take online classes because I loved the classroom setting so much. I love being a student and it's hard when I can't accommodate my schedule.

I guess the difference between me and the traditional student my age is that my degree is my main objective. I'm not really a party all night kind of person. The thing about online classes, though, is that you can blow them off easily. There has to be a sense of drive to conquer online classes. It's easy to procrastinate, so one some level, it's more difficult.
CamLonic CamLonic
22-25, F
Nov 25, 2012