I Failed

I have never been good at math. I am alphabetically and numerically dyslexic, and my brain just isn't programmed for math. Two semesters ago I took Math 101 and barely passed. I scraped by with like a 72. (Funny thing is, my teacher for this semester was able to explain 101 to me in about 10 minutes!) This semester I took Math 102 because I hadn't changed my major yet. I didn't know I didn't need it until after the drop period, and I thought that if you withdrew from a course you automatically failed it, so I stayed with it.

I may as well have saved myself the trouble. I got a 69.79, which constitutes a failure. It dropped my GPA down. Last semester I got a 4.0, the semester before that I got a 3.5, and this semester is a 2.82! I am so disappointed in myself. I just found out, and it's too late to call my parents. I am not looking forward to it. Daddy just told me yesterday how proud he is of me for getting an A in Public Speaking. One A, two B's, and a D.

Has anyone else ever failed a course? What did you do? How do you get over something like this? How do I tell my parents that I failed?
Marpessa Marpessa
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012