Bad Intentions

So here it goes, it's been a quiet a long time that I am writing back, what ever the cause be but there's no one to blame, or regret's or sorrow, ……….. One thing that I admit now is a YES- yes ,I was sad when "surya" left the room and went away without any reason, or issues between us, may be he was jealous of the fact that I  am a scholarship holder,  college newsletter editor, and a young employee and student,  my life would be going fast because I made it go fast and none other than my  parents owe me better………..the only thing that I can conclude & understood from his act of leaving the room was A) he was jealous of the new laptop that I bought just two days back before he left the room…….there could be none other reason if I can adjust with two unknown seniors belonging to my college then who the hell was he, after all he's is my batch mate , if we don't have any issues or disagreements; then without any reason leaving the room and to settle into the next room alone is no option ,as he came into the room all by his consent and approval and I had no problems with it nor he ;as he confessed before leaving but his justifications are too absurd to be taken by anyone who gives their ears  to it, there by its not worth my consideration now………. The only last word to my dearest roommate whose is gone out from my life for forever ---""""i don't take **** from others! Keep your **** to yourself….!..******* YOU SUCK,  you have seen my friendly nature till now , but now i will show you who the hell am i!, my bad intentions are up! and yes honey, when i am back you will be ruined  ! I guarantee left that's none of my business but you tried to harm me professionally that matters are gone babes!!  

B'cos i am back in my form and gonna kick your ***!....harder


ar93 ar93
22-25, M
Dec 11, 2012