Ugh! This week is Finals week at my college. I feel like there is so much unnecessary stress surrounding this entire week. I really just need someone to relate to right now. So here's the story: I have been a straight A student since elementary school, but I haven't made all A's in college. I don't want to stress because I know that I am not going to flunk any of my classes nor lose my scholarship. But I just feel like a failure because I'm going to have A's and B's. One thing that has pressured me alot is the fact that EVERYONE EXPECTS me to make an A in every class. I feel like my family and other people that I know will just shake their heads at my "failure" (especially my mother). I know she means well because she just doesn't want me to lose my scholarship or get kicked out of school. It's just that sometimes I only want her to say "Good Job" instead of, "Alright, you know you need to do better next time." It is just frustrating sometimes. Am I just thinking too hard about these grades especially since these classes are general freshman courses?

Can anyone relate?
Please let me know what you think!!!
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I had all A's in high school and now that I'm getting A's and B's. This semester I think I actually have a C. I don't have much pressure from my parents but I feel really disappointed in myself, especially my first year of college. I'm trying to remember that this is college not high school, my future boss will never ask me my grades. It'll be fine.

Hang in there. I agree the pressure placed on these last single samples of student work is kind of ridiculous. But, it is what it is. (not to mean I am not anxious about at least one of my own finals)
I was similar, except my mom never expected straight As. It has taken me years to realize that life is not black or white. and even really really low grades aren't the end of the world. (and it's been one hell of a roller coaster ride ) Just do the best you can. So many other factors go into our performance in classes beyond the actual grades. is the professor approachable, is the room always cold, the time of day,... One of my professors once said that he believes that sometimes grades are true reflections of a student's ability and performance, and sometimes they're not. ( small comfort, I know) I suggest that over break, you find time to do mother daughter stuff, and you tell her how you feel about her comments. Explain that you do what you can, and it's hard to hear praise that always has a "but..." attached. And, one last thing: I feel gen eds are the worst, because so much is a repeat of high school. Like, why do we need History? It didn't change really. Or, Biology. What do we cover in college Bio that is different than high school bio? I find my anxiety lies in the "will I have the motivation to study enough for this"?