Just Keep Truckin...

I wish I could devote all my time to school. However, I need to make a living because I need money to live. I know school is important, and what's more, I love being in school and doing school-ular things, like studying and homework.
    I've got a lot of goals, and I need school to accomplish them. I just hope I make it out of school in time to do anything, and I need to accept that being broke is a part of being a student. I hope that I can stick it out, that I can top this hill...
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this is exactly my problem lol

I worked full time to pay for a private college which I attended full time. I thought at the time it was great, and it would help me in the future. WRONG. I have now gone back to college at 40 y/o, at a state school. My entire education for my second Bachelors degree, will cost what one semester did twenty years ago at a private college, and it is a career I can use for life. <br />
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Look at cheaper alternatives, and get your education NOW. There is no time like the present, because life will get in the way in the future until you are significantly older (and I do not mean 28 either). Take out loans, borrow with interest, but be a full time student now, put off marriage, relationships, children, but not school.

I've been a working student for 3 years, and right now I'll graduate with honors... Don't worry so much, just keep moving on... Give yourself breaks... Hang-out with friends... Studying should not make you suffer only to reap the benefits later on... Enjoy your life at the moment...

One of my high school teachers told the class to go out and buy a sweatshirt for an ivy league school, then go to a state college, because there is little difference in the education. The most renowned professors rarely teach, and rarely are good at it when they do. The difference in colleges is mostly in research, and that affects few students.

Never overlook cheaper schools...expensive private schools (and their alumnae) like to pretend that they offer the best. But YOU will become what you will become despite the school. My husband finished college debt-free by moving to a cheaper city-college. I think he's done well for us. :) All the best to you!

You have plenty of time. Have patience and have faith. Finishing school is the best thing you can do for yourself. I returned to college after being out for 15 years. I can't even think about my age or how much time I have to do what I want to do, or I'd probably leave. I have so many interests, I still don't know what I wanna do when I grow up. But I'm not letting up this time. Yeah, being broke is part of it. It's not so bad, though...