my list for a better school year =)

Here are 5 things I promised myself I would do this year  :

1. be punctual (  I've been late countless times on my first subject last year. fyi : I commute to and from the university every day - going there takes more than an hour..)

2. manage my time doing school work (i'm always doing things on the last minute,, it drives me nuts)

3. do advanced reading

4. lessen my time hanging out after classes ( I always end up wasting my time and money hanging out with some friends around the university)

5. be in the dean's list! (I was THISCLOSE to becoming one last year! haha )

... I hope I can live up to these things this year.. i always set goals but end up shoving them at the back of my end most of the times.. LOL

***oh, I almost forgot, i'm also looking forward to making more accessories and various stuff and sell them. My blockmates are my best clients.. haha .

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2 Responses Jun 3, 2007

hmmm maybe I should make that my list for spring semester

Hmmm... Sounds very similar to my list of things to do next year...