Just signed up for classes and I'm just now hearing that my two year program might take longer!!!!!! I'm so mad! I feel like I was lied to. I might take an extra semester to finish. I'm not okay with that. I wanted to save money by going to community college then transfer !
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That's normal. It happens to all "2 year" students. I was told going to school half time would mean finishing in 4 years. It actually took 6, even with me taking summer classes.

To make matters worse, I actually got three different business degree path plans from my community college because even the advisors were confused on which one was what.

To resolve the issue, I found a college that would allow me to transfer 90 credit hours instead of 60, and went with what that school would accept rather than what my school TOLD me they'd accept. I finished my associates in "general studies" as a result; but who gives a crap what your associates looks like?

Oddly enough, that 4 year university's requirements for that transfer required one less math than the 60 credit hour transfer agreements to other schools.

It happens, no biggie. Do you have the option of taking classes over the winter and summer breaks? Look into it

Yeah you're right I'm planning to take a few summer courses