This is my third year in college. I have trouble making friends. It depresses me. Does anyone have any idea how I can make some friends this year? I changed my major so I'm hoping that exposes me to different people.
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how's it going?

I'm a freshman this year but from what i can tell you just have to talk to everyone and try to be outgoing. Go to all of the events. Talk to teachers. All I can say is get involved with as much as possible.

Join a group it works. Seems like you might be a little shy

Friends are people you have something in common with.. be that football, playing an instrument, eating donuts or doing crazy stuff :)

On facebook you can usually find local groups (college name + your hobby).. also on facebook there exists a Spotted: , where people post ads... if it's not there, create it! Google will help :)

Or the plain simple pinboard.. print a paper saying you like... I don't know, cooking for example, and that you're organizing a multi-dish dinner on wednesday night. Whoever is interested can contact you via email..

once you've found people that share your interests, you get to know those people and find out if they are compatible to you or not.. not all people are.. but there always is somebody that will be your friend :)

also.. field trips! camping! going out in the open and being limited to some people (e.g. camping for 2 nights) means you can only contact with them, and you will have to solve problems probably (set up camp.. build a fire.. run from a bear).. and this is one of the best ways to get to know people in a deeper way!

That's odd in college... I was like that but it was only because I went to school with losers in high school. Join clubs and groups, stay a little after class to talk to some of your classmates. Don't change your major just because you might not have much friends. Sometimes it can be lonely at the top.

This is my third year and I have made like one friend who I'm not even close with. I don't know how some people make hundreds of friends in college.