I'm not going to let other people mess up my experience, but I really really strongly dislike majority of the people at my college. They're all ignorant, disrespectful, immature, and unnecessary.

Don't get me wrong not everyone is bad, and I've met some really cool people. You'd expect to go to college and meet smart, different, and mature (at least a little bit), people.

I got to a community college so at least I can't get away from it. Everyone came in their little cliques already because lots of the kids came over from different high schools together, so they stay together.

You'd expect people to act like they have more sense but whatever.
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1 Response Aug 27, 2014

I go to a community college too and I feel the same way. I think most community college students in our generation are ignorant disrespectful and Immature. I've met alot of jerks and few good people. Dont let the jerks stop you from going out and finding the nice people.

I'm trying not to