I Don't Know Where I'm Going.

Fancy introduction aside (I should be better at those; no wonder I hate English.), I am a freshman this year. Class wise, things are going fine. I went to a math and science boarding school boarding school, so I earned lots of credits, 17 hours total. So long as I don't switch to a math or science heavy major, I won't have to take much in the way of either, so things are good. With the exception of Honors English and Honors Western Civ, my classes are easy (15 hours total) As, so not much trouble there. Due to some miracle working in my schedule, my classes are over by 11 AM every day, with the exception of Econ exams and Psych research.

Therein lies the difficulty: what to do with the rest of my time. I've been wanting to get a job, but things have been less than forthcoming on that front, so I remain unemployed for now. I attended a very small high school before coming here, so I don't know much of anyone, and only have one person I could call a "friend". Meeting people is actually a lot harder than I expected, given that we have a student population of around 30,000. People are mostly standoffish and stick with people they already know. So, I find myself alone with little to do much of the time (not that I'm entirely without fault here; I'm not the most outgoing person in the world).

What's more troubling to me is the fact that I have little idea what I want to do. I'm currently a history major, but I don't know what I could do with that, if I would want to teach or something. I'm very good with economics, so I'm thinking of taking some classes in that direction next semester, perhaps in business, or the like. I'm also taking computer science classes, and, if I find myself to be good at programming, that would definitely make my "list" of possibilities. I've always been interested in working on mechanical things, like cars and the like, so engineering would be a possibility, but I'd have to get much better at calculus than I currently am. Really, I don't have much of a clue as to what I want to do, and that scares me, more than a little. I am reasonably confident that I can make it at whatever I decide to do, but deciding seems to be the terribly hard part.

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26-30, M
Nov 5, 2009