It's Bad For Your Health!

     Before i started college i had it put in my head that it was going to be classes in the day and hanging out with friends in the evening. Now that i've started college i figured out that that is as far from the truth as oil and water. I started online classes only about half a year ago. I had had some experience with online college that turned out not so good because they didn't offer exactly what they said they did. The first six weeks(one class) of school was easy, the second...not anywhere near easy. It's like they made themselves my best friend just to stab my in the back. And if the classes being hard wasnt enough my computer decided to start dying. Beautiful right? I just started Advertising concepts, i was sweating bullets trying to get my discussion board post in tonight, and by the time i got it in it was 11:52 pm. Gave myself a heart attack even after i got my discussion in. I had to do a full search of my assignment list to make sure that i got everything in and then i saw that i needed to respond to a classmates post before midnight. This just proves that college is bad for your health!

jewelspice jewelspice
18-21, F
Feb 22, 2010