Hard Road But Worth It

I left school at age 14, second year in high school. I never had a good job. In late 2007 my tafe teacher said I should apply to go to uni, I laughed but applied all the same. I was accepted and now I am in my last year of doing a bachulor in community management degree. When I graduate next year I will be able to contribute my services to the local Aboriginal community in which I live. It has been quite a struggle for me, caring for my mum, raising an 8 year old single handed and keeping up with all my assignments. And I owe it all to the good Lord for being my rock in the hard times. It was a long hard road but well worth it. 

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2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

You know what? I had superhuman help lol.<br />
No seriously I've had the Lord with me every step of the way.<br />
There is no way I could deal with all this stuff on my own, did I mention I used to be addicted to marijuana and alcohol and I used to be depressed.<br />
I've put in all my effort and relied on the Lord for the rest, to make these things possible.

wow your a superhuman :) I salute you for having the strength to accomplish those.