An Update To My Ordeal....

Today, I was greeted by the mailman at  my door saying he had a package for me...After putting the package down...he handed me my regular mail and in that small bundle of mail was my Disability "letter of benefits granted".!!!!!!!!!

I dropped to the floor in tears after waiting nearly 10 years and numerous appeals and rejections I am finally going to recieve benefits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Benefits that I have paid into the system all my life. I am elated!!!!!for the first time in I dont know when, I feel happy!

Clanman Clanman
46-50, M
4 Responses Mar 19, 2010

I am so happy for you.

Praise God! I know how you feel. I remember when I finally got approved, I cried for an hour because I really wondered what was going to happen to me and my family.<br />
After all the years paying into the system to be constantly rejected really had me wondering WTF.<br />
<br />
Congrats man, now you can sleep a little easier knowing you'll be getting something.

I am glad you finally got these and I hope that you are able to take care of yourself on the funds they are providing.

My most profound thanks! Plus.... I like your avatar... Its very definitive! Love and Peace I really get it!