The System Let Me Down

I got into debt a few years ago when I was made redundant so sold my property to pay the debts off and started renting. I found a good job after a number of months and got back on my feet.
Unfortunately in April of this year it happened again! Redundancy reared its ugly head, well its wasnt redundancy as the Company didnt go into liquidation just closed its doors and called back all the wages. I thought Id be alright as I could claim housing benefit, no chance the refused me point blank because of the sale of my property. I am now penniless dont have any money for next months rent and the bills are stacking up.
Where is the justice in this Country, I have worked all my adult life supporting myself and two children doing two jobs for 15 years and paying over the odds in tax and national insurance and all I have been able to claim for the past 4 months is job seekers allowance. I didnt have thousands in the bank enough to pay my taxes for next year, which has now dwindled away and the couple of grand I had saved for my sons wedding has also gone.
Its not for the want of trying that I am still unemployed but theres no jobs around this area and with a minimum wage I will still struggle as I would not be entitled to working tax credit until next April.
On top of this I visited my local tax office today as the Company should have been paying my tax and national insurance for 6 months before they made us self employed to be told no contributions were made and I will be liable for that as well after the Company deducted the amount out of my wage packet
I might not have a choice next year other than to become bankrupt.
Why isnt there a fair assessment on these benefits surely the benefit offices should be going after the fraudsters not genuine people that need a helping hand, in my case only this once hopefully.
It is through these that my debt is spiraling out of control....not enough to pay your rent to me is a state of poverty.
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sorry. hugs.<br />
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being in debt is depressing, esp when you cant see a way out at all.