I'm Living On A Budget. But What Do The Rich Want? Ambitions, Power And Control

I get tired of the Rich and those going for the Political Stances for that. I abhor the Republican Party for what they are doing and they do want to make those in Middle Class and Lower to Die from Financial Debt.

I can just Survive just about fine in my Budget, just for now.  Any more than that: "Ambitions, Power and Control" in other things is going with this world in the Evil and Trouble it is destined for.

 I would like to find a product to lose my weight and gain my health better. But I can't find the money in my Budget for this. 

I like to improve my sound system with my music.  But I can't staying in my Budget.

I don't have the professional and required skills for those unusual jobs that they say are made available occasionally.  All I need is a part time extra income job, without skills needed. But they are never made available where I have made my residence to be.  In a Climate for Cloudy and a Rain Forest I Love. Here in the West Coast of the State of Washington.

But I have noticed where the extra money seems to be in this world's obsession:  It's basically for all the Consumerism, Rituals, Traditions, Ceremonies and Holiday Specials in everything that is imaginable with Greedy Horded Ambitions, Power and Control.

I am really annoyed at some of the Control that Big Government is getting away with, in order to make some of the rest of us suffer Debt.

I like to have some of my Ambitions with Success.  But not Horded Greedy Ambitions that so many are so caught up in.

And no need for Power, I like life being in Passions instead.
ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Jul 30, 2010