Comcast Xfinity T V ... Is Really Annoying Me

COMCAST XFINITY TV ... Has and still is doing their conceited business at Annoying me.  And I don't know what to really do about it.

 Back in 2008 when I signed up for the services.  I wanted the basic lowest fee service.  But that gives me all the crappy and few channels, making the service useless.  To go up the next level ... ON DEMAND - (NOW XFINITY TV).  I got more options to what I really want to see and get some quality. Not much, but I feel this Business is really is trying to gouge us for Quality Programs.  The lowest rate was giving me the DISCOVERY CHANNEL. But in the Afternoons, that Channel didn't seem at all Scientific, but Occultic.  Shows as Ghost Hunting and Haunting's.  While all the other Channels would be on Garbage.  The Low Rate was something like $ 30.00.  So for me to get the HISTORY CHANNEL, that had lots more of good Science History on it. That was my Quality Programs.  And [ ON DEMAND ] isn't 90% Great, but I do finally can get 10% of things on Choice with less commercials.  I can finally see my Local Seattle, Washington News that has the last 7 days (Week) of the News that was Recorded.  I can keep up with the News a lot better. But the cost? Back in 2008 it was costing me around $ 45.00. Then in 2009 they raised the cost and it went up to $ 55.00 and then in 2010 the raised the cost and it went up to $ 63.00 and they are doing it again.  I just got my August Bill and it's now up to  $ 67.00.       DAMN ********!

Besides!  I was getting annoyed, because of the Commercials they are airing more of then shows.  Everything now is 3 to 6 minutes of show, then 3 to 5 minutes of Commercials.  So it's half and half in alteration while trying to watch anything.  

When I subscribed to COMCAST, It was the only means to get something that would help me know what is going on in this world.  I'm not into all the Media and Entertainment.  But I have to live on a ... BUDGET !!!  DAMN IT!!!    And they are ******* me off and I don't really know what to do to get back at them?
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There's A Reason The TV Is Called The IDIOT Box. Turn It Off!!!!

I made this story because every year the monthly subscription keeps going up for nearly the same service ... (Nearly because = they are putting in more commercials sandwiched between everything ... (I think people have to be fooled now (?) ... ) there's more commercials then program we want.). Yet without it, I am not knowing what is going on or would not get Scott Wolter on his Show "AMERICA UNEARTHED". Which was awesome last month for me.

As you've stated, they're GOUGING us for everything we need!!!

Regardless of which service provider one chooses, be it cable (Comcast) or satellite, Dish Network, or Direct TV, program choices are limited and, according to them at least, they are "prohibited" from selling you JUST the channels you want. I wanted only 24 channels, some local, some network and some cable. Comcast offered an "introductory" package that is good for about 6 months, after which the price DOUBLES but has all the stations I care to watch plus a hundred others I most certainly DON'T want. (The Knitting Channel? The Paint Drying Channel? No less than SEVEN Spanish channels, three Vietnamese channels, two stations with East Indian programming, and so many other useless stations I have lost count.) Dish TV had 22 of my favorites but in order to get the other two, I had to "upgrade" to the next package that had seventy more channels I neither needed or wanted. The real pis*er is that they all use the SAME satellites! And isn't it strange that their prices are ALL withing the same range? My experience from all of the above leads me to believe that they are all in the same bed together despite anti-trust laws. The reason behind that is that they are HUGE, revenue sources (legal and otherwise) for the corporations which own them and the government who hops and skips and jumps every time they snap their fingers. The FCC is a joke, much the same as the FDA, the FTC and just about every other government agency except for the IRS who is the 21st century equivalent of the gestapo. The bottom line is that unless you are in an impossibly high position in either the government or the private sector, there is nothing you can do. Nothing. Of course if enough Americans with enough balls banded together, we could change things. But considering that two people can't agree about who is the bigger detriment to our country, the Democrats, the Republicans, or the T-Pottiers, I think we're stuck being nothing more than profit centers for ALL of them. Isn't life in America a wonderful thing? It used to be. It used to be.

What is with this? You got friends that like and work for this Outfit? What I Mean about getting back at them, is wishing a way to Boycot them. Make them loose a customer. But if I do that, I loose what I do want to get from having some kind of Service. It's a Paradox and Predicament. Dish TV may work for Home Owners. I am in an Apartment that doesn't accept the Dish Service. Dish TV is out for that Option. Quest and Direct TV seems to have the same features in just another way as COMCAST. COMCAST is almost better, because the Apartment complex I'm in is set up with them. By the way I don't know from the top of my head how you spell Boycot. Without a Suggestion to make my mind wake up on it. For the Speller Police ... This is like one of those words, I don't want spending an hour trying to thumb through the Dictionary to alter this Comment with Time Delay.