One Paycheck Away From.....

Due to several medical issues and the inability to pay the insurance co-pays, I owe: over $20,000 in medical co-pays, over $600 to public service (who want to cut me off), $400 to internet/cable/landline (some is already shut-off), haven't paid my car insurance. Some of the medical providers were suing me and about to garnish my wages if I didn't cough up $700 immediately. They didn't care that I didn't have $50 let alone $700. A week later, I lost my job, and now they have nothing to garnish. Yeah, I have tried working with these folks before, these medical accounts folks, and what they tell me is "we don't give charity to people with insurance." I don't have insurance now, either, and can't get medical care at all.

Public service may work with me, I can pay something every month from my unemployment. My insurance agents have been more than kind in working with me. Comcast not so much, but I will pay them what I can. I was looking into filing bankruptcy, but didn't have the money to pay the attorney, and couldn't afford the mandatory "credit counseling class" that you have to take now before you can even file. Once I get a new job, I am sure they will come after me again.
ColoGrama ColoGrama
56-60, F
Sep 19, 2010