Marriage and relationships can be strange and funny things.  I got married a few years ago, and am loving every minute of it.  But my husband is a foreigner and, of course, does things according to his culture.  Some of it I love and some of it I dislike.  Like for instance, the majority of the time the men and women here enjoy most of their leisure time with their friends.  The men go out with their friends, and the women follow suit.  As an American, I found that to be somewhat strange.  In America, we do that sometimes, but most of the time we are together and enjoy each others company quite a bit.  My husband thought I just wanted to follow him around because I wanted to socialize with him.  I had to explain to him that because I'm an American, I like being with him, going out to have a drink, or going to the movies, or whatever we chose to do.  He finally understands after about five years of marriage, that that is the way I am and I am not going to change a thing.  He and his countrymen are not affectionate towards their spouses too much either.  But my husband finally understands that their is nothing wroing with being affectionate, in private and in public (a kiss, or hug).  I'm so glad that he finally understands these things because if he didn't, I don't know what we would have done since I love my husband dearly.   
myroseyself myroseyself
56-60, F
Jan 24, 2011