Jerrold Mundis' Book

Hi, all.  I've owned the book How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, & Live Prosperously by Jerrold Mundis for awhile, and began the first part -- maintenance of a Spending Record -- this past New Year's Day.  I fell off during the first week of February because I lost my most updated version of my spreadsheet -- today, the first of March, I am starting again.

I would estimate my debt to be around $30,000, a combination of credit cards and student loans. 

I don't do Twelve-Step, so the Debtors Anonymous portion of the Mundis book is not for me; I also do not generally do absolutes, so I won't promise never to incur unsecured debt again, as he advises.  However...the program in general is definitely something I'd like to latch onto and stick with, and hopefully I will make it out of the red within the next few years.

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31-35, F
Mar 1, 2008