My Love Story

hello  guys
i just recently joined this site to find some friends and write something
here i'm gonna tell you about my love story(which ended before began lol)
I am 20 years old an indian guy belong to middle class family.
when i was 14 i was used to go to school, one day i was planning for tuition, remember to talk to my classmate to give me company,
i went to his home, that was the first time when i saw her sister, most beautiful girl in my world, i had never seen girl like her
she was 17 that time, 3 years older than me, i don't know what was that attraction or love then her thoughts started to come in my dream
i had lake of encouragement to let her know about my love, i'm ******* 20 yet never show my love to her.
still repenting why i didn't tell her lol 
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I had a similar story once and later I realized that the guy was an a**hole so I save myself from making a mistake, you´ll never know what would have happened...

that's good to hear

thanks for compliment.


You never know you may get another chance. Her husband can pass on. I know thats horrible, but it happens

i have no hope

What do you mean you have no hope! Hope is what gets us out of the bed in the morning. I was married before my husband now. My first husband was killed, and i was blessed with another chance at love

we have different culture so there's no hope in our culture.

that's true but what if you have to sacrifice yourself for whole family?

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