I Have Stopped Worrying About Debt!

Fourteen months ago I brought a relationship to an end that was making me unhappy. I know I did the right thing, but I thought that life would be much easier than it has been since the breakup.
After a few months I realised that there was no way I could pay all the bills, loans and general expenses on my income. I work full time and earn a reasonable salary I guess - it is not high, but as I have no qualifications other than my training qualifications I would be very limited as to what other jobs I could do.
At first when I realised that I could not pay all of my debts I panicked - the amount I owe is large for me, certainly more than I have ever owed before - I was worried about people coming to the door demanding payment or maybe having bailiffs come marching in and take everything I have.
I went to a reputable debts counselling service - they made no charges for their help, they explained that the amount I owe was really not that much, no-one was going to come after me for it and all I needed to do was work out a proper budget and once all of the essentials were taken care of, make my creditors an offer.
Well it took several months as I was told it would, but now the I have agreements in place to pay what I can afford on the debts that I owe my old bank, and they are no longer charging me interest or adding any other charges. It will take a long time to repay the debt - if it is ever fully repaid, but at least now it is not such a worrying situation and who knows, every now and then I might be able to pay a small lump sum of one or two of the debts until they are all repaid.
For those of you reading this who might be really worried - do not try to hide from the problem, make a list of what you owe and who too, make a list of what you must spend each month to survive and then go and get professional help. Take all of the information with you. There are good organisations out there who provide a free service, one such organisation is Christians against poverty. Get some help, hold your ground and do not agree privately to pay any of your creditors any more than you can afford. If they contact you directly refer them to the organisation that is helping you. Believe me it does get better, I know, as I was really worried - but now life is slowly starting to improve.
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You do not understand fully the nature of the problem--the debt. I can help you. The explanation runs too far to present here. To discuss a solution, call Lee at (760) 708-5414.

this is a very old post. My life has now been totally changed. I am doing fine now and ?ife is so much better. I am in control of my finances not the other way around.

Wow, what a difference time can make to a situation! I wrote the blog above 19 months ago. At that time I was on my own, very unhappy and really struggling financially. I owed around £17,000. What about today? Well, I am married, I lost my job, but started several new businesses off. I cleared all of my debts. I sold my Ford Fiesta and now have a big 4 x 4 and a Mercedes convertible. My life has changed beyond recognition.

if you would like to see how my life has now changed please follow the link I am providing if it is allowed to be published. I will in the next week or so be publishing details of a new workshop I am teaching that shows how to completely transform your life in 30 days!

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Thanks for your reply, but if you will go back to the blog you will see that my life has now changed beyond recognition :)