I Am In Debt By $17,000.00

I think that is not good. BUT i was spending money when I wasnt feeling good during a 7 year span of going to therapy for bad stuff that happened to me when I was young. Really bad stuff. So that is my confession today to all the people at EP. God knows my debt, my daughter knows how much debt I have, so it is no secret. Since I went through therapy I dont have those negative feelings in me anymore that caused me to need to buy clothes, so I could feel better. I havent bough anything in several months. It was an addiction and I have worked through it. So anyway, i have NO NEED TO BUY CLOTHES ANYMORE OR USE MY CREDIT CARD FOR ANYTHING. BUT i feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly for people who are like super in debt. there is this guy on TV right now who is over $200,000 in debt and others who are millions of dollars in debt. OUCH! THANK God that is not me.
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Most of us, including you, do not understand fully the nature of the problem--the debt. I can help you. The explanation runs too far to present here. To discuss a solution, call Lee at (760) 708-5414.

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thank you for the help hailyB... :)