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I am in a point where all of my income pays off my loans. I'm open to the possibilities of consolidating them all in one. I searched the net and one site caught my attention "http://www.payday-loan-consolidation.org". Just when I enter the site a live chat agent right away greeted me and asking how she can be of service. I told her that I'm just looking around and summer offered me a free quote. It seems a good deal so I took the chance and singed up. One of their finance analysts called me up and we pretty much discus everything over the phone. They sent me documents to sign. It made me feel comfortable that this company is legitimate. Now I am 100% debt free.
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I was in trouble with payday loan and don't know what to do but my brother in law told me about a payday loan consolidation company called Be Free Financial, I gave them a call and talk to Will he assisted me and explained how the program works, now i'm saving 100's per month on my payments. Call 407-949-0305

What's the company name

Don't spend your money on credit consolidating company's they put you deeper in debt. Don't pay any money to them until you see results. 
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purchase this book its helping me and my friends my debt freedom group and family structure and repair and accelerate our debts and in 2 years I would be debt free thanks to this AWSome guide book 
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Great book it's a home and online Credit debt repair and debt management job and 401k retirement money protection and home preservation online and home financial literacy course that I took myself and still continue to take. They have their own Debt Freedom Group you should join it it's 100% free

Go to the link above to get the book it's only $7 (the best investment you will make) but it's the only and best affordable Debt and credit repair financial literacy book that you can get it will save you 1000's of dollars on paying lawyers and credit repair and consolidating companies that will rip you off and take your money for about 3 to 5 years 
And with the secrets in this book you will learn to do the same thing they do . The course takes 10 weeks and its a guarantee that you will be relief on what you going to learn about. Please Trust Yourself and Take Action and  get and read it and when you done reading it send me a message back or call my me  at 2037598615 

Hope I made you decide not to make that big mistake many people in financial distress are making 

DLC. debt freedom Group