Leaving my husband has put me in debt. Finding it hard to pay for necessities now. it's depressing and lately the stress has been affecting my health. I try to get out of a very toxic relationship and have saddled myself with a brand new stress in exchange. This sucks.
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I can help you. The explanation runs too far to present here. To discuss a solution, call Lee at (760) 708-5414.

I think about my debt like this: one day at a time & one dollar at a time. Eventually, people are gonna get paid. Let's learn how to be patient.

Omg! So I get child support of let's say 400 a month before day care he said it paid for this and that once day care started I never took him back to court for more well now that "money" I supposed to go to day care and get her new clothes and such I've never seen the same 400 dollars stretch so far! Wow! Oh while I'm being sacarstic may I remind u that um day care is 550 a month so his measly fourth hundred doesn't even cover it

Thanks for lettin me rant we could go back an forth gf