I just spent about an hour pouring my heart out about how I got into such bad debt, when to post it and was told I needed to log in. I went to go back and copy the post but it was gone. Now I'm depressed and Frustrated!!!

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Damn that is so annoying! i have done it many times

And when you have done all that, remember to log in, switch it on, point it the right way BEFORE trying to use it!<br />
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And the advice above is reasonable - London is full of credit unions - these are NOT sharks or debt consolidation companies which make money out of people in your situation; they will negotiate on your behalf, agree repayments, get stuff written off and then work with you to repay what you can afford. Just a Google search away - and the real ones are regulated!

you know you got into debt , so learn those lessons , focus on how to get out of it , it may be easier than you think . dont know where you are, but in the uk are organisations like the national debt helpline, its free , they will work out a repayment plan and negotiate with ALL your creditors at an affordable rate so you can have your life back , they give a reference number , which you give to your creditors then they leave you alone.