It's Frustrating

I went to university, so I'd be in debt anyways because of my student loan. That wouldn't be so bad, they're not awful folks to deal with. The national student loans center is pretty understanding. However I also still owe the university. It's a very long and frustrating story. Due to something I needed from the company I was working for I was unable to get my student loan in time for the start of school. No problem, as long as I get it. Except I didn't.

So here I am, half way through the school year and unable to complete my student loan application and unable to pay the school. I tried to drop out to minimize the debt but couldn't because I owed money. Now I owe for an entire year when I only attended half. The account has fallen into the hands of debt collectors who don't bother me as long as I pay the amount they demand from me. But they ask for a lot and I don't have a university degree or a college diploma which limits the work I can get therefore limiting the amount of money I can make.

Altogether before I started paying it off I have approximately 10,000 dollars owed for only two years of university. Half to student loans and half to the university. I've paid off maybe a third of it.

Now I'm on sick leave and battling to get the insurance money I should be entitled to and am having to pretend this debt doesn't exist because supporting myself is much more important.

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I see this same story a lot, wish there was more help for people wanting go to college but not being able to afford it besides going into dept with a student loan. I hope things work out for you, dept can really wear on a consciousness.