I Can Do This?

starting off the week with being really frustrated by being denied a car loan, again, i resolved to stopped being such a dead beat and pay off my debt.

i owe somewhere between 3 and 4 thousand- yeah i know, chump change compared to what some owe. but it doesn't mean my credit is any better.

not paying my debt was, for the most part, never really because i couldn't pay but because i flat out didn't want to hand over my money to someone like i had never earned it. yeah, i know- dead beat, right?

so funnily enough the next day after my resolution, my plan was put into action when a collector called me at work. and instead of hanging up on him or promising payments that would never be filled, i owned up and am actually going to pay.

i figure it'll take about 10 months until i'll be debt free. during which time i'll be living off of 200 dollars a month...something i'll cry and whine about till the end but the way i see it is- it is better to bite the bullet now so that i can actually own a car and have a good name again.

but i sure have learned my lesson with loans and credit. and once i'm debt free i will stay debt free. it really does rule your life and makes you feel like you have "loser" stamped on your forehead for everyone to see.

msbogart msbogart
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2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

Just imagine how good when you have NO dept.

awe. Remember since the debt is old debt anyways don't pay the whole thing off. Have them write it off by lowering the amount you have to pay. In most cases depending on how old the debt is you can reduce it by 30%! Good luck. I hope you can stay debt free!