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Life After Bankruptcy

Well, my husband and I used to have way more debt than we do now.  We filed for bankruptcy a while ago and since then, life has been easier in some ways, more difficult in others.

We still have tons of student loans to pay off and I have run out of forbearance time.  I don't know what else to do except go back to school part time.  We can't afford to pay them right now... I am the only one working while my husband goes to school.  So my measly paycheck sustains 3 people!  Although, not very well at times... one paycheck goes to rent, the other goes to daycare and bills.  I don't know how we've made it work, but we have.

I hate living like this.  I just want everything to be paid off.  The student loan people keep calling me and I don't know how else I can tell them that I can't afford it!!  I don't qualify for a low-income deferment.  Apparently, I make to much money for that.  I guess they weren't counting on people having to support 3 people on what I make. 

But what really angers me is that I am only over the poverty line by, like $70 annually.  We found that out when we applied for food stamps and got rejected.  They recommended we have another child so that we would qualify.  Idiots.  Seriously though... I could qualify for all kinds of state and federal help if I took a pay cut or got a divorce.  We would be living better if I was making less money, or if we never got married.  That is just plain nonsense.
frontier frontier 31-35, F 36 Responses Sep 29, 2007

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we have the same backward thinking here in england too =/

I guess this is what looks like everyone's future sooner or later.. Sigh such depressing times X_X

I am a Paralegal and used to handle bankruptcy cases. I can not give legal advise but it appears filing bankruptcy is not as bad as it appears. Once you get a discharge, you can't file for another 8 or 10 years and bank's will start to provide credit. I think you have to wait a few years before buying a home.

Also I have credit cards that have shrank my credit limit even though I made the payments evert month and my min payment is $140.00 in interest. I have dug a hole for myself as well and wonder what to do..the credit card companies refuse to agree to anything in a way making it look like they want you to file bankruptcy.

Life sure is screwed up with the way goverments marginalize people that try to work their way out of debt but pay people not to try.

hi frontier, my name is Samuel and i want to help you out...i can do that if only you permit me to... can you check out right now for me... "" and what ever happens let me know. God Bless You...