The American Dream

School came easy. Applying, Accepting, Enrolling, and taking out the necessary student loans to cover my expenses. I was fresh out of high-school when I enrolled in an accelerated Bachelor's Degree program. A faster program seemed like the best choice for my current situation; 18, with a new baby boy, and baby marriage on my hands. I persevered, and graduated at the top of my class, holding a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Computer Animation. It's not the most in demand field, but, as I've always been more artistically inclined than mathematically privileged, I felt good about the choice of major, and my artwork was strong. 

Now, the school had been expensive, maybe too expensive for the education, if you can put a price-tag on knowledge. I found myself in six-figure debt. Six months of grace period flew by, and no more than a few promising interviews which ultimately lead to nowhere had emerged. I applied for a loan forbearance, which gave me another three-month extension towards my Death Sentence. When I still hadn't found a job by March 1st, I knew something had to be done. My loans, no longer in forbearance, loomed over my small families heads, and began their engulfing descent, swallowing our pride and sense of self-worth as they came.


-This was last Monday. Now we're out of time. I can't push back my loans any more, and my 6-figure debt remains unchanged. I'm left which few options. We're considering Bankruptcy, since, in rare circumstances student loans have been forgiven through filing. We're considering going back to college. My wife, or myself, may consider enrolling, to postpone payments, and to obtain a degree in something much higher in demand, and higher paying, such as Biomedical engineering or Pharmacy. There's no real third option, unless we count 'offing' myself - I'll explain, since this is my first post, that I have a strong bias for crude and abrasive sarcasm, and that my more drastic suggestions should be taken with a grain of salt.


This is my story of what happens when a young married couple, in search of the great American Dream, tries to do the right thing. Thank you for reading.

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