Im In A Shameful Debt Too!!!

im getting married after 4 months and i have been doing some decoration for my new flat but i discovered that im in debt now!!

woodwork will cost me 11,475 usd , the master bedroom costs 1,598 , electricity 2500, glass work 6100usd,total gypsum 4200usd,

air conditions 4896 ,sanitary 2350 , kitchen 8000 usd, paint 5250 usd , furniture 25000 usd


OH MY GOOOOOOD!!!! wtf! i have only paid 23000 usd and i still have alot to pay , what can i do?? i have already agreed with the those to start work!!

how will i afford it???? i will ask for a bank loan , im not sure how much they would allow for me!

i still have many other things to buy like home appliances , i want to install wood flooring , i want to buy 3 coffee tables , and curtains .........please help project experience firends!! i will payback

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3 Responses Mar 14, 2010

fabio1 your kidding right?<br />
why would someone borrow you money?<br />
first of all why did you do all that work when you have no money?<br />
I would love to have wood floors and all that stuff in my home but I can't afford it.<br />
I'm not stupid enough to go get a credit card and charge it all and then cry and whine cuz I can't afford to pay the monthly bills. People are stupid and act like spoiled brats. They want it all and they want it now!! Instead of being responsible and saving up the money to afford items.<br />
I sleep like a baby at night because I keep my one credit card tucked away, have a super high credit score and no debt. If people lived within their means they wouldn't find themselves on the internet begging strangers to borrow them money.

i would really be grateful if some friend here on EP will accept to lend me money without any interest....

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