Cant Stop Thinking!!!!

Every day since about when i was ten i have been in deep thought and cant stop thinking which drives me crazy. It messes with my mind thoughts are bad though most people think im stupid or conside me crazy by first look. But now i just cant get out of deep thought and always thinking of life how is it possible humans are the top species on our planet we have feelings and if there is no god there is no afterlife so im worried on constant basis thinking of death wish i could have religion but cant it is not me. so thats my story on deep thoughts which drives me crazy.
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

Ask God for forgiveness. He demonstrated that He loves you by choosing to come to earth, live a sinless life and die anyway. The bible says sin is what kills us. If we never sinned or broke God's law, we would never die. Unfortunately we all choose to sin and deseve God's punishment - which is an afterlife in hell. But He loves us and took our guilt on himself when He chose to die on that cross. All he asks is that we confess our sins, turn from them and believe<br />
on his name. Read God's word and get to experience the love that only God can provide. Then your deep thoughts will not be so painful. God loves you and is calling for you to love Him back. Then, and only then, will you find solace in your thoughts

You have no deep thoughts. you were taught by a book that has been changed and rewritten a thousand times to fit personal and political agendas. I belive in God but I despise the people that have used God to save countries, sway polotics, persecute others and wag wars in his name. You will not save him. God may save him. He may be the one who saves you. He may find his own solace in his thoughs and may be more righteous and compassionate than you.

same here deep thought becouse of that i cant sleep or concintrate but maby you should try thinking about the girls you like or the fact that life is beautiful so is death dosent matter what going to happen you cant stop it just focuse on what happening