College Kick Out

I attended college for 5 semesters. & then I was kicked out. college was my life, & when I was kicked out. I went into deep depression. I couldn't eat, sleep, I didn't even leave my room for two weeks. The pain was unbearable. I couldn't do anything. Well after two weeks the first time I went out into public, I live close to a sign with the name of the college on it, (its there to tell people how to get to the college) & I live up the road from the sign, so when I go out its hard to miss that sign, well every time I passed that sign, a sharp pain deep down just paralyzed me. I was in really bad emotional pain for about 4 months. I tried a lot of things to get out of depression, none of them worked. When my health insurance started working again I went to a psychologist. My psychologist is not much help. I've been in therapy for 7 months now. I'm not any better. I was kicked out of college because I threatened a professor & destroyed her classroom, all because I am not able to process criticism. I have mental, physical, & cognitive disabilities. Due to my cognitive disability, I am not able to comprehend most things, so that makes college 10 times harder for me than the average student. The college decided I am mentally ill, & set me up with a psychologist. I am working my way back to normal. My friends left me. I have no one. Writing this out actually is making me feel better. All this time I have been fighting depression, suicide, & drugs & alcohol. Those things helped at one time, but it didn't last. Since I have no one, I just need someone to listen.
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Jan 16, 2013