I Feel Broken...

A year ago I was lying in the bath gazing at the ceiling and it suddenly occurred to me that I was broken.

It must have been the only time in my life when I conjured up ridiculous thoughts like walking into a watch repair shop to book myself in for a new ticker, a new soul...a new me. My wish was that these places existed and that I’d empty my bank account if I could do it.

I can’t imagine going on another day, yet when I wake up in the morning I seem to just go on and on as nothing ever happened, as if life is all good and that everyone you’ve ever loved is safe and sound.

The devil has reared its head too many times for me to believe in such fairy tales. My sight of perception of how I view others and life has changed. I’ve scratched at the surface and I saw all the ugliness and the bogeyman grabbing at me from the darkness. And now I can’t cover what I’ve uncovered...
heartbreakocean heartbreakocean
26-30, F
May 11, 2012