U ever been hit so hard emotionally that tears fall out your eyes u can hardly stand , hardly move , ur heart rate , I don't know seems way off like it's trying not to stop...
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41-45, F
1 Response Mar 26, 2014

Yes I have and can relate. I couldn't stop crying and my body shut down and I keept falling asleep then I got so angry with myself because I didn't want this reaction. It took me 3 weeks to kind of get over it and was on meds for a while then I was angry at him for putting me through this.
But.....and this is a possitive. I made a vow to myself and actually wrote it down to remind myself what I had done. I would not give him power over my emotions ever again. He would never have another opportunity to hurt me emotionally again to such an extent that I get physically ill.
Taken back my power and my life. Maybe you learn a different lesson for your life. I wish you everything of the best.