A year ago Nov. 14 2014 i loss the love of my life! She had my back 24-7. She was kind and giving, loving and trustworthy. She was better than i deserved. I was at my children's home with their mother when her phone rang. She looked at it and said "It's your house!" I checked my phone and saw that Maxine had called. I called her back immediately because she never called my children's mothers phone before. She answered and said "I need you home!" I rushed out to the car and sped home. Upon entering the apartment I yelled her name. I was met with silence. So I went into the bedroom and found her lying on the bed on her back. I called to her again but there was no response. i checked her pulse and there was nothing.I called 911 as I started compressions because she was on the bed they were not very good. I tried to pull her off of the bed but she wouldn't move. I wasn't strong enough. The EMTs arrived and forced me out of the room. I called her daughter who got there just as they were bringing her out. I told her in a crying voice "I don't think she made it!" They brought her out as if she were still alive, but I knew better. At the hospital they said that they'd tried everything but wasn't successful. So as the year anniversary approached I live that night over and over. Sometimes I just start crying for no reason.
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Wow, I'm so sorry for your loss, hugs!!

This is not for no reason. You lost a loved one. No warning. That is trauma. I'm so sorry that this has happened. Did you ever find out why she died.