Yeah, I Am Right There With You All Too And It Feels Pretty Horrible.

So where do we go from here? It seems inevitable that I will end up in jail eventually and it won't be for criminal acts, it will be because I am unable to pay my civil penalties for a traffic ticket. They want jail time for that. I never thought it would come to that. I guess coming to this forum kind of helps because we kind of sum everything up and really look at it - realistically. I don't know what good it does, but for now it feels like the only thing I can do. I feel so miserable. I too have student loans totalling over $70,000, a mortgaged home of $194,000 that is only worth $100,000 with a payment I cannot afford of $1300/month. I don't have a job because I cannot work due to a severe disability caused from an attack in a restaurant parking lot one night a couple of years ago. I got an attorney who has been able to get me exactly $0 because the restaurant owner apparently had no insurance and feels no obligation. $30,000 in credit card debt because I had an awesome $6,000/month paying job before I was attacked and I was able to afford everything I had. Now I am losing everything and I feel like suck-starting a pistol. I can't pay my $300 SMUD bill, my $275 water, sewer & trash bill, my $80 P.G&E. bill, my $200 auto & property insurance bill, my $60 phone bill, my $50 Internet bill, (I better hurry with this before it gets turned off), a $53 parking ticket and today I got hit with a notice that I owe $1,000 in civil penalties for an alleged hit and run accident which I did not do, I did fight in court with a public defender and it was my understanding it I took this class and paid the $150 restitution I was done. Guess they have other ideas for me. So my drivers license is getting suspended for that now, much to my horrible surprise. All my husband will do is sit and play pool on the Internet night and day, day and night. He refuses to go to work, or help out in any way what-so-ever. He has been sitting on his butt for 3 years now - playing in Ms. Pat's Playroom doing art projects and playing games while I stress out busting my *** trying to save the house and pay the bills and feed us and our two cats. What is wrong with this picture? He has painted the cabinets in the garage so many times, the layers of paint are - well - you get the picture. He painted grafatti on the garage walls. A horrible surprise to wake up to. We went to KFC last Tuesday night to get the Special to save money on dinner and the girl in the drive-thru window advises me that she accidentally charged $155 to my debt card but she swears she reversed it. That was all the money we had to eat on for the whole month and guess what?????? She didn't get it reversed and now I am having to fight with the bank to get it back. I was dumbfounded when I saw it on my online statement. I don't really know how things could get much worse unless I do actually go to jail or somebody or something I love dies or gets killed. I am soooooooo tired folks. Why doesn't somebody else have to take the lead for awhile? I am trying my hardest to have faith. I have made it this far. I am just so far down I cannot see anyway at all to dig myself out of this one. No day, no way.
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Well, on the bright side, I came to this topic because I thought I was in bad shape. Compared to you, I am a wimp. I give you a lot of credit, I would have suck started that are tough, don't give up. You have given me encouragement and I feel your pain. I hope it's gotten better

Hi, I am unemployed living in England with my cat. No husband to annoy me at least!! hard to cope nowadays, isn't it? I just joined this site, I like it. Why not pop along to your nearest kingdom hall, that's where I go, you would be surprised at the results this could give!! Sometimes we have to look further than ourselves for the answers.

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I dont have an answer for you. This is the filthy rotten unjust system we live under and it may help to know its all coming crashing down as the the total capitalist bank run financial way is collapseing now. USA has to borrow $199 billion from china every month just to keep it going and in no way can it ever pay it back. Its all going down. The US has the highest ammount of prisoner inmates per capita in the whole world. Its all rotten corupt and going down big time.

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