So, my grandparents and I have been battling each other for years. My little sister and I live with them, not my parents and we aren't able to speak to out parents, who are divorced.
I'm 16, my sister is only 12. My grandparents are finally fed up with her upcoming teen rebellion, and my attitude towards anything I find offensive and how I stand up for myself and my beliefs in any situation, I'm opinionated and I speak my mind.. Now, my grandmother isn't the sweet, tender loving kind you visit on weekends.
She's brutal, and cruel, she puts us down and she treats us like dirt. Hurts us mentally, emotionally, not anymore physically but it did happen until I hit back.
Now, we have a case lady who talks to us and I tell her everything, she said she could get us out together if we could leave.
And normally I would NOT want to leave despite how much I always wanted to.
But my grandmother told us she's packing our stuff, she told us this three days ago. Two days ago I made my sister and I go to a friends house and we just came home a few minutes ago..
Tomorrow is the first day of school, and tomorrow is when were supposed to be put into a foster home. Which I know is not as horrible as my grandmother try to threaten us with, were humans and children still, they can't treat us awful and have authority as foster parents.
I inserted a photo of my sister in the front and me in the back just for clarification, were not devil children.
QueenJayde16 QueenJayde16
22-25, F
Aug 17, 2014