Last week my mother had 2 of our family dogs put down. They were 14 going on 15 years old. WE had them since they were puppies. They were fine til here recently, One had a stroke and the other had seizures, It was for the best. WE all miss them horribly and found alot of pics. We are celebrating their lives by finding pictures and telling our fav stories. I can remember when we got the first dog, Sammy. My sister and I got him from the sore when he was about 3 months old. Then about a week later we got Buster. He was less than a month old. These 2 dogs are more than just pets. They are family members with personalities. They helped out family from going crazy. Sammy was full of energy, ready to play and always ready to give a kiss. Buster was more laid back, relaxed but very protective when it came to laying next to you. I just wish every family had these two types of personalities but every pet is his own. From time to time I can hear Buster bark for me. I was with Buster in his last 5 years. We had a routine. Each other's beast friend. Buster knows I loved him and Sammy does too. I was a lot closer to Buster than Sammy but I still consider both of them my brothers. Mom had them cremated and their ashes are I her room. She has a Pug statue for buster and a Mini Schnouzer statue for Sammy. So that way we can come by and admire their dedication to our family by bringing joy, smiles and memories. to this dy I don't think they knew the impact they had on our family. But they hung in there. They stood by each other and snuggled together. They helped each other out in their final years. Sammy had bad memory loss(dementiah hope I spell right) and buster was a little over weight but both were very old by 4 years. For this. My family and I say "Thank You!! Sammy and Buster." You will be missed but not forgotten.
AVeryNiceguy34 AVeryNiceguy34
36-40, M
Aug 19, 2014