Take It Easy.

For My grandad.

Easy now, easy now.
The trees flutter brown and they stand strong now, I hate them all, from the roots in the ground, this is the season that I find the hardest, the time when everything thing departed, from all my securities, to love life and death, the winter is coming and I’m feeling depressed, It’s so cold outside, please let me leave I’m sick of looking at these worn out trees, shivers down my spine they never seace, all I want is a minute of peace.

Now your gone, things are not the same, I don’t get to visit your hidden away grave, I only have fragments of your face, imaginations a strong thing, and people keep pulling the wrong strings, everyone misses you, but no one talks about it, you left like an earth quake, I’m still not right about it, the summer I smile I pray for better times, but the wind blows cold and I break down. Im the only one being honest now, to try and save face and forget this place, im living in reality and I hate tis chase.

From your hammer and tools, to your checked down shirts, I was too young to understand hurt, but as I grow older it resides with me, It turns and toils like a massive memory, and you were on the mend, so the family all pretend like everything Is all right, and it just never ends.

You were the mediator between heaven and hell,
You were the beach and all of the shells
You were my childhood and all of my toys
You were the flash that lit up all of the paths, the road and off the laughs
After eights to a fry on your plate, always so positive and never too late, from walking in the park and feeding the life, to an empty vacant space that I’ve grown to like, and no one can fill the gap that you left, so we all go emotionally deaf, and as the time passes it gets easier, because like is busy and it feels breezy here, “take it easy” I still here you say, well I am so slow I’m stationary, I wonder If I would make you proud, falling asleep in front of a crowd, and the Mickey mouse key ring hangs right from my eyes, it’s just a shame it’s not insight, to daisies in the grass to those cold late nights, I remember more than I should do for this time.
You were the golden locket inside of every heart
You were the man who built worlds apart
You were the cartoons and all my dreams
I miss you more than anyone sees.
This is not goodbye, Not the end, I will see you soon, someplace else different.
maskus maskus
18-21, M
May 21, 2012