Are you out there? - Would love to chat to a genuine desperation lover. A woman who likes holding her **** to the absolute limits of her control. Holding it from the night before, drinking a good amount, then waking up with a throbbing morning bladder. She keeps holding it though, going about her day, drinking steady amounts. Her bladder bulges like she's 6 months pregnant, her body visibly quivering with the extreme effort of holding it. She masturbates with a vibrator to distract herself, sliding it in and out, hard at first, then slowly, teasing her bladder with it from the inside. She does this so long she's leaking uncontrollable spurts until she has a huge, hissing, pissy accident and peegasm in a short tight skirt and stockings, and loving every second of the painful pleasure.

...If this tickles your fancy along with other things I'd love to chat.
2se7en 2se7en
36-40, M
Sep 2, 2014