First Bald Chick In Skool

so here i am awesome me (at least in my mind most of the time) not to high on the food chain but not on the bottom either. had wat i thought wer great friends who got me an our desire to just be us even with our serious issues that we tried to escape or work on we had eachothers back, bull****. i stuck up for them never takin sides wen we fought with each other but yet bein there for them but wen i snapp finally under my own issues i dont push it on them i tell them little wich they wer cool with and said they would support me in wat ever i did to try to help me feel better about my situation. so i did wat i always wanted shaved my head. no warning just did it. they didnt get it wich i under stood because im a girl who loves her hair an doing wacky things too it an blah blah. so i explained to them that having hair to me i felt like i was hiding my true self but with out it u could actually see my eyes an face and id be forced to see yours. they thought i was just crazy didnt listen because it was weird even for them an the fact that i was sober when i made this decision was even more effed up. so i ended up bein bald and alone even my own family couldnt stand it. but i didnt care i loved it. no matter wat any one said good or bad i was proud of my self and didnt hide it.(wich was hard to do because it was winter) i looked damned good for a bald chick too and i wasnt alone in thinkin it. i found that by hanging around older people or stylist or strangers who i would neva see again they loved it. i just came to relize that maybe my fellow classmates need to see a little bit more and life an grow an maybe then they will understand y i did it.
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Kudos to you! Never mind if anyone else likes your hair, what's important is that you like it!

I totally can relate, when I cut my hair I only got negativity from everyone!!! But now (1 year after) they all look up to me because they admire my confidence!! So go girl!!! And it looks absolutely stunning on you!!

you go girl. good for you. and it looks good on you too. i shaved my head once before and loved it. wouldn't mind doing it again. i had a similar experience when i shaved my head. i got thrown out of a homeless shelter i was at because i shaved my head so now i'm scared of doing it but would love to do it again. it takes a very brave and confident women to be bald like that.

I can't believe people you thought were your friends turned on you just because of something you did to your OWN BODY! Thats just lame and low! You don't need people like that in your life. I had to let go of a 19 year friendship just this morning. I always accepted the fact that he was gay and whatever he did in life I just tried to be there for him. Over the past few years we have really grown apart. I am bisexual and it's like he could never totally accept it saying that I was not really. How the hell does he know what I am? He also would remind me how beautiful my long hair was back in high school and for the longest time, couldn't understand why I would want to shave my head or why I didn't just grow it out because I had issues where people looked at me different, said rude things to me, or just treated me different when I would shave my head. I said, why should I do something for someone else if they can't accept me for me. Well, I had to just let him go finally so I wouldn't have to keep hearing him questioning my ways of life. Pretty hipocritical if you ask me. There are so many that judge if you are gay, yet he judges his "best" friend. Yeah right, I have really close girlfriends now that love me the way I am. Thats all I need in life and my 9 year old son that loves me no matter what! You are so beautiful in the pic I saw on your profile! Just do what makes you feel good girl, cuz in the end you are the one having to deal with it on a daily basis and if you love it thats all that matters! <3

that's the spirit, screw them , don't matter what other people think, as long as you liked your shave then that's all that matters, you are still very beautiful girl, even more so, shaved

that's the spirit, screw them , don't matter what other people think, as long as you liked your shave then that's all that matters, you are still very beautiful girl, even more so, shaved