School- Random Thought..

Sometimes I feel as though school is pointless. It's not like I don't try, I do. But when I try to get the most out of what I do, the reward doesn't seem as meaningful to me as it does to others. I am a strong believer that grades do not make the person. But I am surrounded by a community of people who think it does, or they think people just don't put in the work (Which also may be the case). Why has society made grades such a huge deal, I know many people who got 33 or better on their ACT with 1.3 GPA or worse. Which results in them not getting into a good college. I think that is bogus, they may not have gotten great grades, but they sure did learn something throughout high school to have gotten such a good score on their ACT. Maybe high school just wasn't they right fit for them.
TryingToFindaBalance4 TryingToFindaBalance4
18-21, M
Dec 14, 2012