How do I stop worrying about school? I've fallen out with two of my best friends and they are in all my classes and the make my life in school bad! I worry about going to school all the time now. I hate it, how do I stop worrying and think about positive things about school?
ArizaSultan ArizaSultan
16-17, F
3 Responses Aug 16, 2014

oh i had the same type of problem last year. it was very awkward for me bc i chose to avoid them basically at all costs. i ended up with a few classes where i felt really alone and it was just awful bc i felt like i couldnt do anything without them being part of it. definitely be open to making new friends and acquaintances so you have people to go to for group work. the class that i found my best friends in was my favorite class and made me so happy beyond anything i could have asked for. be careful not to leave yourself in a shell. it'll only be a cold and lonely school year otherwise. but do: be friendly, smile, and be mature about your interactions with others, eespecially your ex friends

Just rest and relax. That's what the weekend is for. Just don't worry. Find something to do. Play a game or something.

Try and think of the new year as a fresh start - you meet new people and make even more friends. And unless you and your former BF's can't get fix what you had, just leave it be.