I have to go back to school next week and I honestly am already don't with school. I don't want to see half of the kids that's go there
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Then don't focus on the other kids. Do what YOU need to do so you can graduate and reach your goals for your life AFTER you finish H.S.

That was my experience and when they had the reunions I didn't bother going. I kept in touch with my friends and don't care about others lol.

I really only went I school to see 4 people. One of which was my math teacher, one of which hates me now, and a third who very rarely talks to me now. Only the fourth is still around. Besides my teacher. I can always call if I need her.
I'm homeschooled now because I can't stand the people there and because of them and what they did to me, I've developed horrible social anxieties.